Buy Cheap Eseres Women Leggings Workout Yoga Pants High Waist Stretch Hip Legging Reviews

Brand Story

The desert camel direct sun and the tired traveler harbor a constant dream go to the kingdom of silk the distant State of Seres .They are walking on the Silk Road.

In ancient times Western countries call China Serica and Chinese people Seres.The Seres set up a bridge between China and the West via Silk Road. And now in today's Internet age. Eseres is trying to export China's excellent goods to the West.

Eseres an new and young brand registered in United States belong to a factory who is founded in 2007.We are a group of highly motivated and energetic people passionate about fashion design and craftsmanship and committed to delivering a great product.With years of experience and a strict quality control system we are growing to be a professional manufacturer for fashion and beauty.Now we provide our customers with competitive prices prompt delivery and best services.

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Anti-Fade Tips

Pickling Method

Before washing add some vinegar to the laundry water then soak for a while.But please don't add excess vinegar otherwise they are easily stained with ligt-colored clothing.


In order prevent fading please soak them with brine for half an hour at first.Then wash them according to conventional methods. If they are still slight fade you can soak them for 10 minutes with light salt water before every time you washing them.

Drying method

Most of the fabric clothes cannot be directly expose to the sun.So the clothes not only should be conversely exposed to the sun but they also should be dried in the dark and ventilated plac

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Product Features

  • 100% Brand New and sell from manufacturer directly with best price.
  • High Quality Materials: Polyester Spandex. 78% Nylon and 22% Elastane
  • Special Design:Classic pattern print with 2 pockets of the back high waist hip leggings making it unique and sexy.No fade or shrink after washing.
  • Please note that the leggings are made to hold your body tight for a fast workout recovery therefore feel a size smaller but they are easy to dress up or down.
  • Any other questions contact us freely.Thank you.


Eseres Women Leggings Workout Yoga Pants High Waist Stretch Hip Legging

: Eseres
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Description: Eseres Women Leggings Workout Yoga Pants High Waist Stretch Hip Legging Reviews

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