Buy Cheap HExIN Women s Waist Trainer Slimming Hot Neoprene Sweat Pants Weight Loss Sauna Suits S 3xL Reviews

If you are looking for a hot sweating slimming pants this would be the best solution.You can wear it with any waist trainer corset tank top vest or sweat body shaper. Easy to maximize your fitness routines.


1.Increase sweating and accelerate calorie burning2.Firm your legs and tone your thighs3.Flatten abdomen correct the improper posture4.Provide support for lower fat belly and firm tummy5.Sweat out excessive toxins and water weight to get a slim body shape6.Allow you to do all kind of exercises from jumping to running to lifting weights

Womens Hot Thermo Body Shaper Neoprene weight loss pants slimming pants body shaper workout pants for women tips:

1.Smell:It's normal for the smell of the new product please hand wash or hang it to air dry for the smell free before wearing.2.Sizes notes:Neoprene Slimming sauna Pants was designed to sweat more and lose belly and thigh fat the size is not like your daily pants if you have big thighs suggest to go a size up.please refer to our size chart Or order 1 size up than your normal size.3.Washing instructions:Hand wash in cold water with a soft detergent.Squeeze out and drain. DO NOT tumble dry ! DO NOT wring ! 4.Shipping Time:1-2 Business days to arrive via Fulfillment by Amazon.

HEXIN Women's Sweat Pants Neoprene hot Slimming Weight Loss Sauna Shaper Pants

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Product Features

  • High Quality Upgraded Neoprene Fabric The neoprene sauna suits is made of 70%Neoprene+20%Polyamide+10%Polyester 1.5mm SCR which is high elasticity quick-drying comfortable and breathable. The inner layers increase body temperature and sweat while its outer layer is super absorbent so that you sweat on the inside and stay dry on the outside.
  • Unique Design Neoprene material shaper makes you sweat more it helps reduce the size of your waist hips and thighs. The bottom of the crotch is triangular mesh which is comfortable and breathable. NOTE:Please refer to our size chart instead of Amazon's size chart.
  • BODY WEIGHT LOSS :This thermo pants body shaper trousers can help you get a satisfied shape and make you look slimmer.It can create a sauna effect sauna pants intensifies perspiration in your core by up to 3 times more than regular gym clothing.heat your body quick in outdoor activities or fitness sports thermal effect makes you sweat crazy you can feel fat burning of the butt legs and thighs.Keep running with this fitness workout pants you can see steady result of firming and toning thighs.
  • PRINCIPLE :Scientific design and compression help you correct posture flatten abdomen firm tummy.It can help to improve microcirculation flush toxins increase perspiration and calorie burning during exercise and assist in lessening fluid in fat lower body movement when promoting muscle heat resulting in burst of sweat.
  • 3 Style For Choose Half pants cropped trousers trousers three styles for you to choose from. Our products always insist on using fashion design premium quality and sincere attitude to gain every precious customers. We want to become better with you if you have some good ideas welcome to share with us.


HExIN Women s Waist Trainer Slimming Hot Neoprene Sweat Pants Weight Loss Sauna Suits S 3xL

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Description: HExIN Women s Waist Trainer Slimming Hot Neoprene Sweat Pants Weight Loss Sauna Suits S 3xL Reviews

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