Buy Cheap Non Slip Yoga Socks For Women With Grip Anti Skid Pilates BarreWorkoutTile Wood Floors Slipper Socks Reviews

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  • NEW NON-SLIP DESIGN: The new love non-slip pattern covers the toe to the heel which has a stronger grip and allows you to maintain a better balance.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: The cotton material is elastic and can absorb perspiration from your feet and keep your feet fresh.Women's grip socks fits women shoe sizes 5-8.Package includes 4 pairs of sticky socks.
  • ALL PURPOSES IN ONE: Ideal for not only yoga but also Pilates barre ballet dance gym and other sports.Perfect for home travel studio and hospital use as well.Great for women/girls/senior/pregnant women.
  • PREVENT SLIPPING: strong grip can effectively avoid injuries caused by slips. Very suitable for the elderly and pregnant women.
  • WASHING & DRYING: Machine wash & Hand wash / Do not iron / Do not bleach/ Do not dry at high temperature.


Non Slip Yoga Socks For Women With Grip Anti Skid Pilates BarreWorkoutTile Wood Floors Slipper Socks

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Description: Non Slip Yoga Socks For Women With Grip Anti Skid Pilates BarreWorkoutTile Wood Floors Slipper Socks Reviews

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