Buy Cheap PIYOGA Women s Crop Capris Culottes W Elastic High Waist And 2 Pockets XSSMLxLxxL Reviews


Women's Boutique & Bohemian Lounge & Athleisure Yoga Pants

Handmade & Sustainable - Everything PIYOGA is handmade with love from the tropical shores of Bali from a mom & pop shop.Elastic smocked waist band - The 5 inch waist band stretches from size US 0-12. Our concept is to make our clothes form flattering on all body types & avoid the dreaded muffin top.Capri Style - Flowy cropped wide legs for extra comfort. 2 Big Side Pockets - Yes they're big enough for your cell phone or passport and are both 7 x 7 inches big. Dress Up or Casual - Wear them with heels boots sandals or barefoot for different styles! Fast Drying - Perfect for the beach hot yoga & more! Rayon dries faster than cotton or polyester & is well know for it's wicking capabilities.Tall or Short - Don't worry! These pants can fit anyone as short as 4'10 to 6 feet tall (147cm to 182cm).Maternity - PIYOGA pants are great as pre & postnatal pants - they will stretch as your belly gets bigger without being restrictive and still super comfortable.Perfect for every occasion - Wear your PIYOGA pants to work yoga the beach on an airplane while traveling sleeping for spring/summer fashion and everything in between!They make the perfect gift for friends family kids & loved ones!



The easiest size to fit many body types. They are flowy and have a cropped wide leg for the ultimate boho style. Stretches at the waist from size 0-12 but if you want more room in the thighs and wear a 10/12 we recommend going up to 12-16.


The same as our regular culottes but with a bow that can be tied in front or in back for a more fashionable look! Perfect for dressing up for work or going out.Stretches at the waist from size 0-12 but if you want more room in the thighs and wear a 10/12 we recommend going up to 12-16.


Loose flared capri pants that stretch at the waist from size 0-12. These pants are perfect if you love flowy wide leg palazzo style pants!These Flared Capris include two large 7x7 inch pockets that are perfect for your cellphone or passport.


Stretches at the waist from size 12-16 with the same flowy cropped wide leg and a bit more room in the thigh area. More colors coming soon!


Stretches at the waist from size 18-24 with a wider thigh. Achieve that flowy beach boho look with these pants. More colors coming soon!

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PIYOGA Pants are Perfect for YOU!

The Hottest Trend in Sustainable Fashion this Spring/Summer is PIYOGA

PIYOGA Pants are Pants with a Purpose

Designed by women for women. We are constantly making micro-adjustments to improve our products to make them the best they can be.Designed in sunny San Diego California and handmade with love from the tropical shores of Bali.Support Women in Business. Strong women support each other and we hope we can be that bit of support for you to feel comfortable and confident on and off your yoga mat.Shop Small Business. Our Small Women Run Business is a team of 3 young women in San Diego with a passion to bring you comfy pants!Handmade with love in tropical Bali. All tie dye is unique tie dye cannot be exactly the same each time. It's part of what makes it unique! No two pairs of our tie dye pants will ever be exactly the same.10% of net profits donated to sea turtle conservation efforts. Whenever possible we ship with paper or cardboard to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our Mission

To empower women & men of all shapes and sizes to feel comfortable & confident on and off their yoga mat.

Remember every time you shop your money casts a vote in the direction of the society you want to live in.

Help us spread our mission - gift a pair to a friend!

Love PIYOGA? Tell us! We would love to hear from you.

Have feedback? Let us know! We are checking Amazon daily to hear what you have to say to make sure you are happy with your purchase. Until then Have a great day! Namaste.

Straight Leg


Scrunched Bottom


Flared Capris



Skinny leg no elastic ankle

Wide leg palazzo flared

Elastic ankle

Cropped wide leg palazzo pants

Cropped Flare Pants Wide Leg

Loose Lightweight Beach Cover Up

Sizes Available

US Petite 0-10 & Regular/Tall 0-12

US Regular/Tall 0-12

US Petite 0-12 Regular/Tall 0-12 Large 12-16 & Plus Size 18-24

US Regular 0-12 Large 12-16 & Plus Size 18-24

US Regular 0-12

US Regular 0-12 & Large 12-16

Height Range

Petite to Tall

Regular to Tall

Petite to Tall

Petite to Tall

Petite to Tall

Petite to Tall

Where to Wear






Fall/Winter Vacation


28.7 and 29.5


33 34.3 39.4

46 50


2.4 and 3.2

Waistband (Relaxed)

12.2 to 12.6


12.6 to 19.7

12.6 to 19.7


11.8 to 15.7

Waistband (Stretched)

21.3 to 21.7


21.7 to 34.2

21.7 to 34.2


21.7 to 28


One 7x7 in. pocket

Two Inside 7x7 in. pockets

One 7x7 in. pocket

Two Inside 7x7 in. pockets

Two Inside 7x7 in. pockets

Two Inside 7x7 in. pockets


Featured Print/Size in Photo Above

Mindful Mandala Goddess (Black/White) - Regular/Tall Straight Leg Pants 0-10

Cobalt Lotus (Blue/White) - Flares 0-12

Kundalini White (White) - Plus Size Scrunched Bottoms 18-24

Creme Brulee (Beige) - Culottes 0-12

Teal Flower of Life (Teal/Gray) - Flared Capris 0-12

One Way Ticket to Italy (Black/White) - Regular Shorts 0-12

Our Purpose

Meet the Founder

Hi everyone!

My name is Larissa and I'm from San Diego California.

Starting PIYOGA has been an incredible dream come true & I'm grateful you are here to learn about it!

In 2015 I had lost my job and with everything else going wrong I decided to take the opportunity to travel the world! During my journey I became very passionate about yoga which helped me during this transitional time. My passion for ocean conservation also grew after I went diving for the first time and realized how much trash there was deep in the ocean! A few months later I was living in Bali and by luck met a seamstress who was as excited as I was about starting my own yoga apparel line. Since the beginning her and her team have been dedicated in making each pair of PIYOGA pants by hand. Fast forward to 2020 and we now distribute PIYOGA on a Global level through out the USA UK Canada Australia Indonesia Spain Germany France & Belgium!

Women Empowerment

When starting the brand I quickly learned that most yoga brands would only make pants up to size 12 but the average American is a size 16 so where do they fit in? Yoga is for everyone and I wanted to empower women of all shapes and sizes to feel comfortable and confident in their yoga pants which is why we now offer pants from petite to tall and US size 0 24.

The continuous message of women empowerment is deeply rooted in the mission of PIYOGA.

Sea Turtle Conservation Efforts

I was born & raised in sunny San Diego California and the ocean has always been near and dear to my heart. Ever since elementary school I attend beach clean ups and when I was in college I organized beach clean ups! It wasn't until I got to South East Asia that I realized the desperate state our ocean was in!

Before even making the first pair of PIYOGA Pants I knew I wanted to give back to ocean conservation. What's the point of starting a business if you can't give back to something you are passionate about?

PIYOGA proudly donates 10% of net profits to sea turtle conservation efforts around the world with my goal to help on a international level.

Our most recent projects include working with the Gili Eco Trust in Gili Trawangan in Lombok Indonesia and with the Coral Reef Restoration Organization in Key Largo Florida USA.

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Many Beautiful Patterns

Did you know we release new prints every quarter? Check back frequently to see what's going to be your new favorite! Whether you prefer more dark or light colors and patterns- we have something for you this winter season!

Unique Designs

New patterns are added for each season. Right now we are featuring new prints for winter. Check back for more year round.


Funky patterns solid colors floral and boutique designs. Browse our pants to find your perfect Boho Winter Fashion Outfit!

Broad Color Palettes

Whether you prefer bright colors or more neutral tones- we have the print for you! We have the perfect prints for boho fashion.

One Way Ticket to Italy

See the Silver Lining

Hawaiian Princess

One Way Ticket to Greece

Big Deep Pockets

Perfect as Loungewear this Summer whether you're relaxing from home or when you're out and about.

100% Rayon made from pine wood pulp (not synthetic)

The high waist smocked elastic band is elastic and stretchy for ultimate comfort all day long. When worn at the waist they go to your belly button for a sleek form flattering look. Never have to worry about a 'muffin top' ever again with our form flattering elastic waist design!

Handmade with LOVE & 100% Rayon

Super soft & Lightweight (8 oz) Fast drying & Wicks moisture away from your body that keeps you cool Made to withstand hot weather (40C+/100F+) Made to withstand high humidity (100%) Won't shrink or pill like cotton Filament rayon yarns vary from 80 to 980 filaments per yarn and vary in size. 100% Rayon made from pine wood pulp (not synthetic) Regular rayon has lengthwise lines striations and its cross-section is an indented circular shape.

Rayon can imitate the feel and texture of silk wool cotton and linen. Rayon fabrics are soft smooth cool comfortable and highly absorbent. It does not insulate body heat making it ideal for use in hot and humid climates. Studies done by Korean researchers found rayon was more sustainable than cotton.

We love pockets and we know you do to! All PIYOGA pants always have Pockets! For the Scrunched Bottom Pants there is one large pocket sewn to the side.

7 x 7 inch pocket big enough to fit your phone & more!

Did you know?

In the early 17th century women's pockets became so small they were essentially useless. The less women could carary the less freedom they had.

Pockets are a symbol of women empowerment and you will be happy to find that all our PI items have nice big deep pockets!

Summer Pants You can wear all year round! Take them on vacation or wear leggings underneath.

Why buy one pair when you can buy 2 or more? Most people buy a few pairs so they can have one solid black one for work a fun crazy one they can wear to yoga and a neutral one they can wear everywhere in between! But don't let that stop you! Our favorite customers have up to 30 pairs of pants each! We would love to hear your story & love for PIYOGA. Make sure to direct message us as a seller and let us know how we're doing! We take all constructive feedback into consideration - your voice is heard! We ship from San Diego California where we are based.

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Product Features

  • 100% Rayon
  • Imported
  • Elastic closure
  • PETITE TO TALL SIZING – If you are between 4'10" and 6' tall they will fit you perfectly (147 - 182cm).
  • ELASTIC WAIST - The smocked elastic waist stretches from US W size 0-12. UK size 2-14. EUR size 30-42. The 5” waist band allows you to wear them high waist or at the hips & flatter your natural curves in a comfy way to avoid the dreaded ‘muffin top’.
  • FLEXIBLE & VERSATILE – The wide opening at the knee gives the pants a flowy look. The soft feel of the material allows the pants to drape nicely making them easy to dress up for business casual work.
  • PANTS WITH A PURPOSE – Designed in California sustainably handmade with love in tropical Bali. By women for women - with the intention to empower women of all shapes & sizes to do yoga.
  • KEY FEATURES – 2 Deep Side Pockets moisture wicking quick dry 100% rayon made from wood pulp (not synthetic). Always wash your pants with cold water and hang them to dry. Perfect for vinyasa yoga ashtanga hatha Bikram hot yoga kundalini beach cover up lounge wear athleisure wear business attire casual work attire travel pajamas airplanes meditation & embracing your inner bohemian goddess.


PIYOGA Women s Crop Capris Culottes W Elastic High Waist And 2 Pockets XSSMLxLxxL

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